Thursday, July 21, 2011

Design Board Virgin

With boredom comes inspiration :)  I am sure you will see a TON more of these because I am going to design school in August! Yippeeee! Those of you that know me, know this is a big deal.

So here goes...

So I realize this room is lacking color...that was kind of the point. Black & white glamour :) Although, if the room was in my house, I would add a splash of teal or purple.

I'm actually loving this room. This isn't far from what I would imagine a dream living room looking like. But I have about 3 houses in my dreams...

This one is actually for my mom. I made this to show her what I wanted to do to her small downstairs bathroom. Believe it or not this entire bathroom makeover will cost under $400! But that's another post...

Don't trip..these will get better but I am happy to take you through my journey of growth. I am more than excited to start school and take steps toward the career of my dreams!

Love you!

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