Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first design job

I started my first day back in college yesterday. I have to say, this time around I am beaming with pride and determination. I know my passion and I am going for it. Since I graduated high school I have had the opportunity to work for an amazing designer, Kevin Stephens of Kevin Stephens Design Group. I worked for him for close to 2 years and I learned a hell of a lot about design, construction, project management, budgeting, and how to deal with clients. I mean A LOT. Everything I did was hands on, and I soo appreciate that experience.

As I research the moves I need to make over the next few years, I realize how important on the job experience is. Its actually a required from the NCIDQ to have a certain amount of work hours under your belt before you can even take the exam to be accredited. Which is awesome because I am half way there!  Well I though I would share some of what I used to do for Kevin Stephens Design Group, and what I loved about it.

FYI - Kevin remodels historic homes in a very modern way, and also builds new modern lofts (among other things) I was his assistant/project manager/office manager...and a bunch of other stuff..

One thing I loved was that we took these old historic homes with so much charm and character and brought them back to life in a new and exciting way! I grew up in an older home in a historic neighborhood, so this is dear to my heart.

Look at the transformation! We debated on that pink marble tile for a while...but we decided it could stay. Its kinda cool right? 

This one here was a HUGE transformation. This kitchen was wack and all wrong as far as space planning goes. He reconfigured the whole space. Custom walnut cabinets, quartz counter tops, stainless appliances, and marble flooring :) Love it!

These light fixtures were all picked out by yours truly :) I think they are awesome and I found them at a fraction of the cost!

Basically he was purchasing all his fixtures at top dollar and it was getting insane. I came in a found tons of great money saving finds! I can do that for you too out there (quick plug). 

Everything was carefully selected down to the square pop up drains :) 

I loved that job and thank you so much to Kevin for the opportunity! I will always have a great deal of respect for you. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Headboard Indecisiveness

So I am really in need of a nice KING size headboard. The problem with that is, all the king size headboards I find are overpriced. I am debating on DIY-ing an upholstered headboard and doing a nail head trim. My dresser is an espresso brown color with clean modern lines. So I am wanting something that will match well with that. My dresser currently has polished nickel pulls, that are well...boring. I want to find some really cool modern GOLD pulls.

Something like this would work...but not quite interesting enough for me.

How cool is this one!? I love the larger nail head trim and the blue. But I need a more clean lined headboard than this...

I love this velvet material! Its so luxurious..and I like the overall look of this one. But not gray.

Totally off the subject but how awesome is this bed!? Love it. Anyways back to the program..

So you knew I was gonna pick something leopard right? :)

I want something similar to this with nail head trim.

Although...the blue is really growing on me..

Something you should know about me. I am a big ball of indecisiveness. To the 10th degree. I need about 7 houses to actually be able to get what I want. But for now I will take all of this inspiration to the fabric store and see what happens. Should be an exciting trip. Don't worry I'll take pictures. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Back to School I Go!

As I gear up to go back to school, I am wishing and dreaming of an office to call my own. I have been brainstorming home office ideas for a while now. I think I know exactly what I want. Something like this...

Any chance I get to use leopard, I'm taking it. I love the giant bulletin board here! I can't wait to fill it with all my inspiration pics and samples. I am totally getting an old dresser and painting it teal - it's going to hold all my supplies like paints, brushes, stencils (I'm an artist), glue gun, staple gun...all my supplies..and flowers are a must! They totally brighten up any space. 

Here are some inspiration rooms I liked. When it comes to a home office, I like to keep it eclectic.

Home office eclectic home office

Decor Demons Loft eclectic home office

Blue office eclectic home office

Home Office eclectic home office

Stenciled corkboard (via Design*Sponge sneak peek: elana of rosebud design) eclectic home office

Friday, August 5, 2011

Neutral Baby

Did I mention I had baby fever? Haha I love this gender neutral baby room. I love the different textures in the room from the different woods, carpet, fabric, and leather rocker. It looks so relaxing and peaceful.

You inspire me...Chasing Davies!

So by now you know I am sort of having baby fever. Baby boy fever to be specific! Well one of my fellow bloggers Meggy from Chasing Davies, got the news she was having a baby boy and I am super excited for her! She has a very cool blog, and very cute style - which is even cuter with her sporting her baby bump. She had a mood board for her future nursery, which got me excited and inspired to do one in honor of her and Baby Chasing Davies :)

BTW check out her blog!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dining Room Deals

Well this dining room is really cool because the entire room cost under $3000. You may be saying - Mandela that's high! BUT the dining chairs are all leather, solid wood table and console, all wool rug, gorgeous chandelier. Everything looks high end. But it's not. I am going to break it all down just for you. Because I love you. 

Table $499 (West Elm)
Rug $299 (West Elm)
Chandelier $299 (LampsPlus)
Leather Chairs $249 each (Crate & Barrel
Console $299 (West Elm)
Lamps $119 each (Ikea)
Mirror $199 (West Elm)
Curtains $39 each (West Elm)
Artwork $47 (Fine Art America)

(can you tell I like West Elm just a bit?) 

Anywho...this room is one of the higher end rooms, but I love it. Don't trip. I can work with ANY and EVERY budget. I'll show you a dining room under $1000 next...

Hey dude!

This is for my guys. Or my girls that have guys. Or anyone who likes this.

Here are a couple of rooms that I would consider to be more masculine. I like them but I really think they will appeal to more men :)

Really Cool Esty Artists

Affordable art is my fav guys!! I have found some really awesome stuff on Etsy I'd like to share with you.

Original Painting Pen and Ink Drawing

BIG OAK Fine Art Photography Tree
This artist has some very cool water color prints and some unbelievable photos! Super affordable too! Check out Thirteen13Creations!

las guitarras. los angeles photograph - rainbow spanish guitars - music - vibrant - latin inspired - 5x7 fine art print
Really nice photography here for the low low :) Myan Photography Los Angeles

Jordy - Butterflies and Moths Series - 8x10
Think how cute this would be framed in a child room or nursery! Check out Paper Moth

Nursery Art Print (Bird on a Drum Kit)
Truly adorable prints...check out Barking Bird Art

Love this stuff! I want one for my house so bad! Mengsel - check 'em out!

Limited Edition Print - Pumpkin Orange and Bright Army Green - Linocut 6 x 8 Inches
Don't you love this? I do. I am most certainly adding one of these pieces to my collection. I love ALL of their stuff - Strawberry People

mAdaMe ochrebuTTerfLy . . 17/100....LIMITED EDITION
Last but most certainly not least, my FAV artist on Etsy...buy lots of his art! But not the pieces I want :) ART by Vincenzo Rizzo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ode to Pillows

Pillows can completely change the look and feel of a room. They are so important and one of my fav accessories! Pillows can get costly, but luckily I know how to sew and these are all my inspiration :) Check out my pillow rainbow.

You're welcome.

It's flowing out...I can't control it!

Okay so I cannot stop all this inspiration from flowing out..so I am sharing it with you! I have a bagillion more ideas that I will continue to share with you!

I have been dying to decorate a nursery. I have several people in my life now having babies and I think I may be getting baby fever myself (yikes!) - especially after doing this nursery mood board

I truly want this bedroom. I decide that I am making a leopard upholstered headboard with nail head trim. DIY coming soon!

Fun eclectic dining room. I love the pop of pink in the buffet, and anytime I used these clear acrylic chairs, I'm in love <3.

What do you love? Not love? Let me know!

Design Services Anyone?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New client!

These are some mood boards I created for a new client of mine. She is a student and works full time and want a fresh modern living space. She already had a lot of black and white decor, so she wanted to continue that theme, but update it, and add a splash of color! 

That wooden chair would be painted orange :)

All of this stuff is either from Target & Walmart or things she already owns! I work with ANY budget people!!