Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day dreaming of lottery winning...

I love the mixture of traditional older homes with modern aesthetics. It is a great alternative to the cold, hard, clean lined style of modern(which I also love). It has a warm, cozy, homey feel with gorgeous modern/contemporary design. This house still has all the charm and character that it originally had, but with a cool sense of style. They did an amazing job with this remodel!
Beautiful sun room in my dream house

Literally the best part of this house...stupid (in a good way)

2 dining areas..umm can you say BOMB?

Gorgeous entry

Furniture placement in older homes with lots of arches and windows can be tough sometimes, but they did an excellent job creating the fireplace as a focal and center for the room, instead of a TV like most of us do (they have a den for that)

Love that there's a fireplace in the master bedroom, and the light fixture is nice

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  1. Ummm when (not if, but when) you move here I will come visit you 24/7. THX!