Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mirror, to my bed

So I am obsessed with these mirrored night stands! I love them! I have never had a set of matching bedroom furniture, not that it needs to match but it needs to flow..anyways I have this huge king size bed and fitting two nightstands next to it has always been impossible due to the small bedroom space. So when I found these small tables, I knew they were perfect and would make a big impact! The picture below are the ones that I purchased from target online for $80 each! Oh yeah, did I mention I didn't wanna spend $300 each on a nice nightstand and these were a steal!

 Here are more inspirations for my mirrored nightstand obsession...
With pale colors and a crystal chandelier, the mirrored table adds to this rooms femininity 

I like because it looks more masculine - even the guys will like this look :)

These tables make you room look luxurious and expensive. They will also compliment any style of room you put them in. Modern, country, or an eclectic mix. Pair it with a cool lamp and you've instantly transformed your room into a luxury hotel suite! 
P.S. I would keep some Windex handy for the fingerprints :)

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