Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My first design job

I started my first day back in college yesterday. I have to say, this time around I am beaming with pride and determination. I know my passion and I am going for it. Since I graduated high school I have had the opportunity to work for an amazing designer, Kevin Stephens of Kevin Stephens Design Group. I worked for him for close to 2 years and I learned a hell of a lot about design, construction, project management, budgeting, and how to deal with clients. I mean A LOT. Everything I did was hands on, and I soo appreciate that experience.

As I research the moves I need to make over the next few years, I realize how important on the job experience is. Its actually a required from the NCIDQ to have a certain amount of work hours under your belt before you can even take the exam to be accredited. Which is awesome because I am half way there!  Well I though I would share some of what I used to do for Kevin Stephens Design Group, and what I loved about it.

FYI - Kevin remodels historic homes in a very modern way, and also builds new modern lofts (among other things) I was his assistant/project manager/office manager...and a bunch of other stuff..

One thing I loved was that we took these old historic homes with so much charm and character and brought them back to life in a new and exciting way! I grew up in an older home in a historic neighborhood, so this is dear to my heart.

Look at the transformation! We debated on that pink marble tile for a while...but we decided it could stay. Its kinda cool right? 

This one here was a HUGE transformation. This kitchen was wack and all wrong as far as space planning goes. He reconfigured the whole space. Custom walnut cabinets, quartz counter tops, stainless appliances, and marble flooring :) Love it!

These light fixtures were all picked out by yours truly :) I think they are awesome and I found them at a fraction of the cost!

Basically he was purchasing all his fixtures at top dollar and it was getting insane. I came in a found tons of great money saving finds! I can do that for you too out there (quick plug). 

Everything was carefully selected down to the square pop up drains :) 

I loved that job and thank you so much to Kevin for the opportunity! I will always have a great deal of respect for you. 

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